A Wide Variety Of Choices For Our Guests

We are certain to help you find something to fit your budget

Guests to Hunter’s Friend love the flexibility of our resort. We offer everything from simple motel style rooms with either a single King or 2 Queen beds all the way up to our lakefront lakeview condominiums at Table Rock Sunset and Rockwood Resort. Our location in relation to Branson ensures that guests can easily and quickly get into the city for shows, shopping and dining while allowing them to return easily back to the lake when they are done.

It’s incredible to us that year after year after year tourists will come to Branson and spend a large amount of their time sitting in their car when they could have been in the park having the time of their lives.

When our guests go to Silver Dollar City, they are pleased to know that they get immediate parking with no wait. Exiting the park is just as easy, allowing our guests to return back to Hunter’s Friend within 5 minutes.

As we are located (geographically) between Branson & Branson West, our guests have the choice of shopping for groceries in either city. (Branson West is much easier to drive around)

Occasionally, we will have guests who have family that are coming down in their RV. Indian Point Campground, owned and operated by the Corp of Engineers, is literally right across the street from us and is perfect for this exact scenario.

With the marina right across the road from us, jet skiers and boaters love our location for easy launching and recovery of their watercraft. Fishermen will stay with us for weeks at a time knowing that they have a full sized refrigerator in their room waiting for them when they return with their catch of the day.

Lastly, we set the prices at the resort to be fair. While we have promotions from time to time, the price has never been what the market will bear (we HATE that saying), but instead, what is fair. We want to be one of the most enjoyable, affordable, memorable places you have ever vacationed and will strive to make that a reality each and every day you stay with us. You have our word on it.

Mike and Handan Kugler

Owners of Hunter’s Friend Resort since 2003