Branson has been going through major changes in the recent years. Once a capital of country music shows, Branson now has become a tourist attraction that offers more than just a musical entertainment.

One of the places that just opened in the city is a place called Fritz Adventure. A 80,000 square feet indoor attraction has anything from climbing walls, stairs, ziplining, crawling through underground tunnels and gigantic slides.

The attraction can be a great family entertainment if you are into physical activity. By the time, you and your children are done playing in this massive playground, you are wiped out. You would believe that you have done a 1 week worth of exercises. The good thing is it’s more fun than exercising!

The Fritz Adventure also has a cafeteria on the second floor where you can hang out if you don’t feel like climbing, crawling, or run around. You can just relax and watch your children go in and out of little caves, containers, tunnels etc.

Having a new attraction like this in Branson is especially nice because we never anything like this in town before and it’s perfect spot to hang out in cold Branson days