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Our resort in Branson is perfect for relaxation and convenience

All of these photos have been taken within 300 yards of our resort. They feature life here for our us and our guests and the relaxing lifestyle of vacationing on Indian Point. We have tried to showcase most of the items nearby to give you an idea of the area. Some things are hard to capture though, like how incredibly easy it is to access Silver Dollar City from our location – literally, you drive north for 2 miles, make a hook turn, and go to the parking lot. It is that simple! Exiting and coming back to the resort is even easier – turn south and go 2 miles and you are here!

If you are looking for a great place to unwind at an affordable price, look no further. We have been serving customers proudly since 2003.

Silver Dollar City is the real draw though

If we were to take a guess at how many of our customers stay with us because of our proximity to Silver Dollar City, it would probably be in the area of 65% or more. We are located on the same peninsula as the amusement park just minutes away. Conversely, traffic from the city of Branson can back up for miles (that is not an exaggeration) from traffic waiting to get into the park coming from Branson and Springfield.

(Take a look at the first 2 pictures to the right side here. Those are photos we took of the traffic backed up for hours. Our guests were already inside the park, enjoying the day. This is absolutely not unusual)

If you need further confirmation, look at the video as well. Interestingly enough, this only captures HALF of the traffic at a dead stop. You could literally double this video if it was captured from the gate to the end. Meanwhile… our guests are already in the park having a blast. wink


So, why wait for hours in traffic while you can enjoy access to Silver Dollar City in minutes from our location.

The Crown Jewels of Branson is Table Rock Lake

If 65% of our guests are here for the park – the other come for the lake – Table Rock Lake and all of its beauty. Boasting 800 miles of shoreline, the waters of Table Rock Lake are some of the clearest and calmest waters of any major lake you will find anywhere in the US.

Ideal for jet skis, wakeboarding, fishing, and even cliff diving Table Rock Lake offers guests the best of everything. Here are some photos from our time on the lake. Come to Table Rock with your family and capture your own memories.