Most condos offer some sort of security. The type of security offered can vary by the size and type of the condo. Since many people pack valuables on vacation, it is important to know if your condo security is safe enough. You don’t want to worry or stress about the safety of your family or your belongings while you are trying to have fun on vacation. Here are a few ways you can check to make sure the condo you stay in is safe.

Check the Crime Rate

Before you visit a condo check the crime rate at and near it. Compare the amount and type of security to the crime rate and decide for yourself if the security is adequate. If you are unsure what type of security is offered, contact the condo’s customer service department and talk with a manager. Luckily, most condos are located in safe areas where their crime rates are low, and there are plenty of people around to help each other out.

Read Condo Reviews

See what other visitors are saying about the condo you are planning to stay at. If you read reviews from visitors who say their items were stolen or they did not feel safe, then the condo security being offered may not be safe enough. Condo thefts and crimes are much less common than most people realize. That is why you usually hear about them when they do occur. You can always count on the reviews of others to help you make a good decision about the condo you want to rent.

Check for Locks and Cameras

As soon as you arrive at a condo, check to make sure there are adequate door locks on the room doors and cameras in the lobby and hallways. If you want to know if these things are present before you book your room, ask customer service. Condo owners want to protect their condos and guests just as much as you want to protect yourself. You will not find a condo without locks and topnotch security.

Trust your Instincts

If you do not feel safe in a condo or are not comfortable leaving your items behind in the room, go somewhere else. Always trust your instincts and never stay somewhere that you don’t feel safe. Your vacation should be enjoyable, and while it’s unlikely that you ever find a condo that makes you feel unsafe, you should trust yourself.

In most cases, condo security is safe and will help protect you and your items. It is always a good idea to inspect a condo before making your reservations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you reserve your condo.