Planning a vacation can be stressful enough. Don’t add to it by staying in a cramped space.

America is returning to normal and you now have some important considerations to make for the safety of your family. Obviously, one of the most important decisions will be “Where will you stay?” A hotel with nice crampy quarters, hallways, rubbing shoulders, pushing shared elevator buttons,,,, or… a wide open exterior door resort? To us the solution is pretty obvious.

Imagine being on vacation with your family and friends, sharing space with you and 300 “friends”. Are they practicing social distancing? Why are 8 of them piling into an elevator with you? With a hotel you get nice, close quarters, shared hallways, shared elevators, community dining (assuming they provide breakfast) and shared luggage racks. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a massive outbreak because of confined spaces.

Our guests on the other hand enjoy 100% exterior doors, straight in access from their car to their rooms (or condos) individual kitchens and tons of exterior space to keep you much safer. Armed with the knowledge that we were virtually the ONLY resort in Branson to invest in an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect every room and condo between stays, your only worries are “Do we grill or order delivery?”

Our condos are much the same. Depart your car and walk right into your condo with no worries of cross contamination.

From there you can head right out to the lake on your boat – go fishing – or rent a jet ski for the day.

Our pools have LARGE decks allowing everyone plenty of space and no overcrowding. Coronavirus cannot survive in chlorinated water so the threat is removed from there as well. We want you and need you to feel 100% safe on vacation. Consider our resort when you are ready to book a place to stay that is both affordable and safe.