There is a new ride coming to Silver Dollar City.

For the past 6 months or so they have been constructing some sort of a new ride. Day after day there is no less than 30 to 40 contractors working on this ride behind the scenes with probably 100 (most likely more) cement trucks working their way through. This photo was from last week (April 2017) and we passed these trucks lined up on the side of the road waiting to unload. Cement trucks have been working all winter long so whatever it is they are building is going to be HUGE.

The first parking lot closest to Indian Point road has also functioned as something of a staging area where welders looked to be creating rebar for reinforcement. That took up the better part of the north end of the parking lot.  

To keep lookie loos (like yours truly) out of it, they constructed a wooden fence along Indian Point road to block out the view. I would guess the fence is 100 yards long and it is effective in cutting down on the gawkers as they drive past. 

Silver Dollar City is keeping a tight lid on whatever this attraction is but judging by the size of the crew working it and the amount of materials necessary to construct it, the wait will be worth it. We will post more as we learn more.