Last year, some of you may recall that we had started to list our vacation homes for rent on a new site that was a better alternative to VRBO and AirBNB. The main difference is the amount of money we were able to save the travelers and also to ourselves. Now we have a new listing service that is even better. The site is simply called Vacation Rentals with a dot between the words Vacation and Rentals. (There is no .com, .net, or anything else) Just strictly and only Vacation dot Rentals.

The site offers homeowners a simple and powerful means to list their vacation home for rent with zero commissions or fees and no charges whatsoever to the traveler. 

Here are some of the key differences between the 3 sites.

  1. Vacation.Rentals charges no fees to either the homeowner or the traveler. That is a huge reason alone to list with them. 
  2. Vacation Rentals offers free website hosting to homeowners who need a venue to display their property even better.
  3. Vacation.Rentals offers homeowners a free customized YouTube video with each listing they provide
  4. They are the only ones who offer a straight forward annual listing fee
  5. The URL is one of the most recognizable and memorable URLs out there currently and was even featured on CNBC and the Florida Business Journal.

The site also allows for 35 images to be uploaded, a video link holder, iCal import, and much more. 

The next time you are coming to Branson – book direct with Vacation.Rentals and save yourself the fees in turn